Business Automation

Most of the repetitive tasks on the computer can be automated. It is expensive to have in-house automation engineers for small businesses. At Infinite Skills, we leverage pre-built tools to automate your businesses processes. 

Time to automate business processes and save money!

Business Automation tools are more powerful than ever before. Appointments, scheduling, accounting, customer engagement & many more tasks can be automated.  Infinite Skills helps you to identify what processes can be automated in your day-to-day tasks and build automation to save time and money.


  • Save hundreds of dollars every month 
  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Superior customer experience

Many Tasks Can be Automated in Your Business

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective marketing in the digital space. Stay on top with automation.

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It’s a tedious task to run email marketing campaigns on your own. Its even more difficult to do manually. Leverage automation tools to run your email campaigns.  


  • Automate newsletters
  • Auto segment different types of customers
  • Automate personalized email messages

Employee Management

Hiring, training and HR management can be automated with various tools. 

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Most of the HR-related tasks taken care of by the owners of small businesses – pre-interview assessments, hiring process, employee orientation & training, scheduling, payroll Etc. All these can be automated. 

  • Business owners can save tens of hours
  • Reduce errors and improve efficiency 
  • A seamless experience for the employees

E- Commerce

Automate inventory management, payments, shipping & order tracking. 

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E-commerce stores have multiple processes involved in order fulfillment. Most of these processes can be automated. Infinite Skills helps you to build your e-commerce store on automation.  


  • Automate product marketing
  • Automate order notifications – email and SMS
  • Build chat boats for customer inquiries 

Custom Solutions

 We help you build customized automation solutions to suite your business needs. 

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Not all businesses work the same way. We help you build customized automation solutions for you. Business automation is often underestimated. Learn how it can increase efficiency.  


  • Review and identify automation opportunities 
  • Find or build automation tools
  • Get regular support